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Larry Snyder has been helping non profit organizations maximize fundraising results since 1990. His fun and entertaining style creates an environment of generous giving. His exposure to every level of donor from Cub Scouts to CEO's makes him the logical auctioneer for your special event. A service driven consultant, Larry provides proven and effective fundraising solutions on all levels. Larry is a graduate of The Western College of Auctioneering and has membership in The National Auctioneers Association.

People often ask "if you're an auctioneer does that mean you can talk real fast?"

Yes, in fact I can talk fast but it's all the work that comes before the auction that's much more important than the rate of my chant. No phrase is more true to a successful auction event than "plan to succeed or expect to fail". As a committed consultant, I work to insure the right audience, right items and right environment of generous giving are present. Auctions are a lot of work. My job is to help make sure the effort you're putting into an auction event is worthwhile and fun. I have a diploma from The Western College of Auctioneering and hold active membership in The National Auctioneers Association.

Question: But what about fund raising in this "new economy", what should
we expect?

Answer: Today, more than ever, hiring a professional auctioneer is crucial
to the outcome of your special event. I will make sure you've planned an
event that maximizes your efforts even in a changed environment.

Larry Snyder
FOCUS Income Group, Inc
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